Star Wars: Who is Snoke? (Warning: Nerd Alert)

 The dust has settled on Episode 7: The Force Awakens. I felt genuine emotion as the new characters Rey and Finn dusted off the cobwebs of the old Millenimum Falcon in order to evade an attack from the First Order. The Film does leave many unanswered questions such as ‘who is Rey?’, ‘How did the Millennium Falcon still have Petrol in it after 30 years?’, ‘Why did Kylo Renn not just flatten Finn in the Lightsaber fight?, ‘Where did Poe Dameron go after the TIE fighter crash?’ and ‘Could I use the force to convince Beyonce to leave Jay-Z for me?

While I am in no way a Star Wars expert, I have seen all the films at least once. I am also that annoying guy in the cinema who calls the end of the film before it happens. For these reasons I would like to chip in my 2 cents as to who I think Lord Snoke will be.


What we Know about Lord Snoke

Lord Snoke is the supreme leader of the First Order. This is the new army that rose up from the ashes of the Empire in the 30 years after Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. He is also Force Sensitive and old enough to witness the rise and fall of the Empire. Snoke has trained Kylo Renn and, according to his wookiepaedia page, has at least one other apprentice. I speculate that Snoke is really old but no where near as old as someone such as Yoda. Snoke is also really wise and can convince force sensitive people Like Ben Solo to turn to the dark side.


The Most Common Fan Theory

 Most of the hard core fanatics believe that Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis. This guy is an ultra powerful, ultra old Dark Sith Master who trained Darth Sideous, who turned out to be the Emperor.

 Plagueis is know for manipulating midi-chlorians* to create life. Darth Sideous discusses this in episode 3, hinting at the origin of Anakin Skywalker.

This theory is very popular on the Internet and high brow newspaper columns such as the Guardian. If it turns out to be true, it would fit fairly snugly into the story and it wouldn’t be a big shock. 

 Lets face it, people are still looking for the ‘I am your Father’ moment from Empire Strikes Back. If it turns out that Snoke is actually Plagueis, the hard core fans will be thinking ‘I knew that all along’ while the rest of us will be thinking ‘Who is Plagueis?’

My Theory

 I have a hunch that the real identity of Snoke will turn out to be Qui-Gon Jinn. I realize that sentence alone has just emptied the room faster than if I told a small group at Westboro Baptist church that I watched Eddie Murphy in the ‘Nutty Professor’ once and laughed. But stay with me I have good reasons.

Reason 1. Qui-Gon could have been Sith Spy

The strongest argument I have is that Qui-Gon put loads of pressure on the Jedi Council to train Anakin. This is in spite of Yoda and Mace Windu and all those other strange guys having a bad feeling about it. 

 Why did he insist? When I’m at work and I think of a crazy new way to do something differently I usually have second thoughts if one older wiser more experienced person advises me against it, but a whole council? Qui-Gon must of had some brass neck to go ahead with his plan despite all advise against it. Even as he was dying Qui-Gon can’t stop stressing the importance of training Anakin in the Force. 

 Either Qui-Gon was one stupid Jedi Master or he was a Sith spy, manipulating the Jedi Knights from the inside, and convincing them to train Anakin so he could one day become a powerful Dark Lord. Basically it could be Qui-Gon’s Fault that we even have Star Wars in the First place.

Reason 2. Kind of fits in with what we know about Snoke

Lord Snoke is an Old Battle Hardened Warrior who has seen the rise and fall of the Empire and the Clones of the episode 1-3. This could fit in with Qui-Gon provided he was actually alive for the duration of the canon, behind the scenes and didn’t die after being stabbed by Darth Maul. 

 There is the sticking point that Qui-Gon was burnt to a crisp at his Funeral as well. Even if he did that is no boundary to a plot. Characters come back from the dead all the time. Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer if you don’t believe me.

 Interestingly Qui-Gon never appears as a ghost in any of the other films 2-7. While Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda make frequent cameos.

  Could this be due to Liam Neeson demanding too much of a large fee or because the big reveal of Qui-Gon as Snoke is yet to happen? Qui-Gon could be revived several different ways in Star Wars land. My hunch is that it could be something to do with Dark Midi-chlorians turning him into some sort of corpse Zombie. Who knows?


Reason 3  It would be very Star Wars like

I wasn’t too surprised watching episode 7 when I found out that Kylo Renn  was previously Ben Solo. Another Jedi Knight Switching over. I’d seen it before. Anyone related to a Skywalker seems to be volatile to changing over. So in many ways I hope I’m wrong about Qui-Gon being Snoke. It would be a bit Cliche. I want the reveal of Snoke to be something completely mind blowing, like when you first watch the Matrix or taste a Belgian Waffle.

 I want these expert Star Wars writers to raise the bar and have a plot twist so epic that none of us will see it coming and be talking about it in 30 years time.

Reason 4: Same Eye Colour

If you look closely at Snoke’s Eyes 

 you will see they are the Same Electric Blue as Qui Gon Jinn. 

This at least Narrow’s who Snoke could be down to characters from the Old Canon with blue eyes or a completely new character. It should be noted that Andy Serkis also has blue eyes. 
Reason 5: I want to see Liam Neeson in Star Wars Again

Growing up a mere 25 miles down the road from where Liam Neeson grew up I love the guy.

 It is a known fact that any Ulsterman can use their threatening Liam Neeson voice to get exactly what they want. It especially works in Mcdonald’s in England as a good way of getting extra fries. It’s time Liam started doing some proper big movies again, none of this Taken 5 rubbish. He definitely didn’t get enough screen time in the span of the Star Wars movies we already have. To see him in Star Wars again would bring a smile to at least one corner of the world.


Reasons Against 1: Andy Serkis is the Voice of Lord Snoke


Yes he is, if this is anything to go by, Snoke’s back story will probably be footage of Andy Serkis, similar to the Gollum origin in Lord of The Rings. Snoke could still be a croaky worn out Qui-Gon though. Maybe Qui-Gon is working the Snoke Hologram like a puppet similar to the Wizard of Oz.

Reason Against 2: Qui-Gon was burnt to a crisp after his battle


This is the biggest barrier to my Theory. It’s the same reason Snoke is Probably not Leslie Nielsen or Chris Farley. But as I said, in Star Wars land, dead and buried does not always mean dead and buried.

Reason Against 3: Qui-Gon was a really nice guy

Watching Episode 1, You can’t help but think Qui-Gon is really peaceful and nice. Apart from his one glaring error in training Anakin, he is the most approachable of the Jedi, the most level headed. To think he was pure evil masking as good is just too ridiculous.

Reason Against 4: That Scar Though

 Snoke has an old vertical scar over the frontal part of the middle of his forehead. Qui-Gon was killed by getting Light Sabred in the stomach. So at the point of death Qui-Gon does not have a scar on his head. However, since Episode 1 there is 60 odd years for Qui-Gon to be revived and get a few new battle scars. Maybe that scar is pointing to someone else… Maybe Snoke is actually Harry Potter!!!

 Well that is my theory. I think I have made my case. For my next trick I am going to get Steven Avery released. 

 As I said feel free to dismiss this as quickly as it was written. No doubt there are people who could pass Post Graduate degrees in Star Wars out there, while I could barely get a C in GSCE (SATs in America). If people want to point out the error of my ways go ahead. But if by the time the last episode is released I turn out to be right, my head will explode bigger than Starkiller Base when the Thermal Oscillator has been destroyed.

*Midi-chlorian: Microscopic Force Aware life forms that dwell within every cell of all living beings in Star Wars land…At least I think that’s kind of right

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12 thoughts on “Star Wars: Who is Snoke? (Warning: Nerd Alert)

  1. This theory makes no sense from a logical perspective or a storytelling and scriptwriting perspective. Seriously, you put even a second of thought into the idea that the producers put even millisecond of thought into the idea “hey, I have an idea! Let’s have Snoke be Qui-gon! No one will see that coming!”


  2. Pingback: What I think happens in ‘Gone With The Wind’ (Possible Spoilers… I dunno) – @impetegerard

  3. Sean

    I thought the same thing after looking at Snoke in freeze frame, that he looks just like Liam Neeson. I agree it does not make sense, but… The scars on snokes face look like burn scars – could explain the pyre. And Palpatine claimed he knew his masters secrets. He could have reanimated Jinn and made/turned him dark. Maybe use him to motivate Vader?


  4. Ben Suydam

    Reason 5: Qui-Gon Jinn “appears” as a force ghost (albeit only as a voice but he IS voiced by Liam Neeson) in The Clone Wars animated series which IS “canon” meaning he’s dead. Reincarnation would be a totally new concept in the Star Wars universe and there’s no doubt it would be very poorly received by the masses; at least those who know anything more than what the 7 movies have taught them.


  5. AND….your Qui Gon theories fails for a few reasons.

    1) End of Revenge of the Sith: Yoda tells Obi Wan that an “old friend” had found a way to return from the force and that Yoda was going to teach Obi Wan the secret.

    2) IN the Clone Wars animated movie Qui Gon lures Yoda to Degoba where he tells him that he came back as the will of the force but that he hadn’t learn to appear in ghost form but that it was possible and taught Yoda how to do it.

    3). Qui Gon explains why Anakin needed to be trained and it was because Qui Gon believed he was the chosen one. He had no idea Anakin was going to be a supremely powerful Sith or Jedi because his future couldn’t be seen. Besides, the spy was Palpatine.

    4) Qui Gon tells Obi Wan that he was a much wiser man than he was. So Qui Gon might have been a master Jedi….but he wasn’t very wise.


  6. D

    There was another Dark Lord who was trapped by the jedi in some old temple. I would figure he would be someone like that, extremely old, amazingly powerfull and trapped somewhere from where he can’t easily leave.

    If he was really Darth Plagueis it would be too nice of him to just sit quietly in some corner of the galaxy without doing anything while Darth Sidious was running the show, more even if Darth Sidious was the one who tried to kill him in the first place.


  7. Chris

    I appreciate that you refute your argument with the same fervor that you presented it. I would add to the con list when yoga tells Kenobi that an old friend has found his way to communicate through the force after death and implies teaches him how to force ghost and that the old friend in Qui-Gon


  8. ObiWansBoxers

    Everyone thinks I’m crazy for thinking the same. Another point I’d like to make is Dooku. Wasn’t Dooku his master? All of Countr Dooku’s apprentices were Sith, which is why I question Qui-Gon’s true loyalties.


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