Trump vs Clinton: 5 Thoughts on the US election

Watching the US election from across the pond I have gathered a few random thoughts. In no particular order, here they are.
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Every American News Report Ever

Are you a journalist in America feeling the pressure to meet deadlines? Don’t you wish there was a handy template out there that you could slightly alter to report 90% of the news stories that happen in your country? news-guyWell fear not. I have taken the time and effort so you don’t have to. The next time you are in a rush as a reporter just copy and paste the text below taking out the bits in brackets that don’t apply. This is valid until November 2016 at least.
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Questions you never Asked…..Now Answered (part 3)

Want to know why not everyone can be good looking? Or how to always win at Christmas Cracker pulling? I found out so you don’t have to. Read on…. Continue reading “Questions you never Asked…..Now Answered (part 3)”

What I think happens in ‘Gone With The Wind’ (Possible Spoilers… I dunno)

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