Skater Boy (Gender Neutral Version)

I thought I would up date ‘Avril Lavigne-Skater Boy’ for 2017 taking out as many gender references as possible while trying to narrate a story. Because why not? Try and keep up…

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Every American News Report Ever

Are you a journalist in America feeling the pressure to meet deadlines? Don’t you wish there was a handy template out there that you could slightly alter to report 90% of the news stories that happen in your country? news-guyWell fear not. I have taken the time and effort so you don’t have to. The next time you are in a rush as a reporter just copy and paste the text below taking out the bits in brackets that don’t apply. This is valid until November 2016 at least.
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Questions you never Asked…..Now Answered (part 3)

Want to know why not everyone can be good looking? Or how to always win at Christmas Cracker pulling? I found out so you don’t have to. Read on…. Continue reading “Questions you never Asked…..Now Answered (part 3)”

Star Wars: Who is Snoke? (Warning: Nerd Alert)

 The dust has settled on Episode 7: The Force Awakens. I felt genuine emotion as the new characters Rey and Finn dusted off the cobwebs of the old Millenimum Falcon in order to evade an attack from the First Order. Continue reading “Star Wars: Who is Snoke? (Warning: Nerd Alert)”

Help Me Create The Best Game Ever

Hello readers, sit down and let me explain a grand plan that has been brewing in my head for several years. I have held on to this idea as I thought it was a potential money maker, but now I wouldn’t say I don’t care but I just want to know what people think of my idea and whether or not it is a goer or just to stop talking about it now. I also wanted to write it down as a form of ‘well I thought of it first’ so if a similar idea appears in the future you know where they were inspired. I also don’t want to let another idea slip by before someone else adopts it. Continue reading “Help Me Create The Best Game Ever”