Will Grigg’s On Fire for Norn Iron (and Other Euro 2016 Chants)

So those of you going to the Euros this Summer better start rehearsing. We already have our classic chants about Steve Davis, Green and White Army and no doubt Away in a manger will be sung for David Healy… But it’s time for some new ones. Here are a few ideas I’ve had.

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Petrol Stations of Ulster

I have been around for quite a long time now and have clocked up a fair few miles working various jobs in all of the six counties of Northern Ireland. During this time I have become somewhat of a Petrol Station connoisseur or Diva if you will. Continue reading “Petrol Stations of Ulster”

Father Ted Priest Smuggler The Game

Here is my latest Father Ted Themed Game Idea for Smart Phones.

In the last 30 years no sit-com had it’s finger on the pulse of what it means to be Irish quite like Father Ted. dd_horse_20081230_pIf you haven’t seen it I suggest watching the episodes ‘The Milkman’, ‘The Mainland’,’The Aeroplane’, ‘Father Stone’,’The Eurovision Song Contest’, ‘The 3 Priests’ and ‘The Christmas Special’.

It is within this last episode, The Christmas Special(featuring Gerard McSorley), where an event happens which has inspired me to develop a new game which should definitely be on your smart phone one day. The episode features an iconic scene using the Dunnes Stores in Ennis as a backdrop to which Father Ted and Father Dougal find themselves in a potentially embarrassing situation. img_6427 After getting lost in the store they eventually end up in ‘Ireland’s Largest Lingerie Section’. If a priest was ever caught here it could lead to a scandal which could rock the Catholic Church to its very core (You have to understand, this was filmed in 1996. It would barely make page 2 of the Irish Sun today with all that has happened in Ireland since).

img_6429To make matters worse they find more priests stuck in the same area of the store, and no one knows how they got there. The rest of the scene involves Father Ted taking control and using various army like tactics he manages to smuggle all the priests to the fire exit and out of the shop without being detected.img_6426 He does this with the help of the store intercom system and a priest known for his boring voice.img_6422 You can watch the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beN7FftWNCM

This got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have a smartphone game with the same premise? The game could be called ‘Father Ted Priest Smuggler’ and involve smuggling as many priests out of the lingerie store as possible without getting detected by customers. In the early levels it you could start with just one priest sneaking his way through the store to the fire exit. As the game progresses more and more priests keep coming with more shoppers on the shop floor for them to accidentally bump into. There could even be an intercom system in the middle of the shop which if reached temporarily clears the floor so more priests can get through.

In my head this game is similar to the ‘Supermarket Sneak’ game I recently published (link at bottom) and would use Nintendo/Pac-Man style graphics.images (3) The game would have no real limit as the challenge of smuggling priests can just be made more difficult. People could post their high scores on line and lay down the gauntlet for other contenders playing the game.There could also be various cameos from all the priests in the father ted show and even Mrs Doyle. Each priest could have their own challenges in getting out the door, for example Father Jack could be unsteady on his Feet and Father Dougal could wander about more than the other priests.download (9)

So that is my game idea. So now I am asking you. What do you think? Is this an idea worth backing? Would you play this game? Can you help in the Manufacture, Design or Production of this game? If your name is Graham Linehan I would especially like to know what you think.

This may be just daft but if you believe in this game you can help me raise the capital to get this game going. If you think you can help me direct the design of the game please get in contact by leaving a comment or direct message.
If you like the idea but don’t want to donate you can still help by sharing this blog with someone who might.

The best way to get in contact and make this game happen in via my fb Page click here

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Northern Ireland National Anthem

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