Our Wee Excuses: NI vs Iceland

Last night I watched with admiration and amazement as a country with a population smaller than Belfast and managed by a dentist played the England national football team off the park. Iceland play with calmness,courage and self belief that is now paying off on the biggest stage of all in European football. Looking back, was it really such a big deal that we beat England in 2005? (‘Hey everyone, we beat England!’…. ‘Well, a lot of people have beaten England’)iceland vs england Continue reading “Our Wee Excuses: NI vs Iceland”

Unbelievable 90s: The Death of the Cash ISA and the Rise of CrowdFunding


Sonic1The 90s were simpler times. I can’t believe it is now at the stage where we look back at that decade with a certain nostalgia, if you remember them at all. Continue reading “Unbelievable 90s: The Death of the Cash ISA and the Rise of CrowdFunding”

Northern Ireland National Anthem

I want a new anthem for Northern Ireland. Here is my attempt Northern Ireland National anthem (click here to listen)

Here is when I sang it on Talkback to William Crawley a few years ago Me on Talkback singing my National Anthem (click here to listen)

Check them out then read my reasons why.
Continue reading “Northern Ireland National Anthem”