Chatting Round the World Survival Guide

Over the years I have collected generic anecdotes which come in handy when I meet people that aren’t from Monkstown. ‘When I ask where are you from?’ Im not trying to be racist.Im not looking to see if you are coming over here and taking our jobs or giving Northern Irelands gene pool a much needed stir. I genuinely just want to chat. I’m just trying to find common ground. Something to start the chat. Once that ground has been established then off we go!!! I often find that the next thing I bring up is whatever little known fact I have stored in my brain about that place. I realise that could be offensive but as the old saying goes ‘If you offend everyone in the world, you offend no one in the world’. So here is a list of what I will say to you if you mention the city or country or continent where you are from. Starting with Northern Ireland then branching out, It is clear that my knowledge gets vaguer the further away I get.

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Petrol Stations of Ulster

I have been around for quite a long time now and have clocked up a fair few miles working various jobs in all of the six counties of Northern Ireland. During this time I have become somewhat of a Petrol Station connoisseur or Diva if you will. Continue reading “Petrol Stations of Ulster”


Northern Ireland National Anthem

I want a new anthem for Northern Ireland. Here is my attempt Northern Ireland National anthem (click here to listen)

Here is when I sang it on Talkback to William Crawley a few years ago Me on Talkback singing my National Anthem (click here to listen)

Check them out then read my reasons why.
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Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)

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Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)

Arriving at Uni on my first day 10 years ago, I met lots of great people. People who may have lived in the same town as me for years but due to labeling at birth we were sent on different paths and mixed in different circles. Continue reading “Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)”

Don’t Always Party Like it’s your Birthday: 50 Cent Bankruptcy and what we can learn

The puns surrounding 50 Cent’s recent financial trouble are endless. But lately it looks as if Curtis Jackson’s rapper nickname appears slightly more appropriate. Continue reading “Don’t Always Party Like it’s your Birthday: 50 Cent Bankruptcy and what we can learn”