Our Wee Excuses: NI vs Iceland

Last night I watched with admiration and amazement as a country with a population smaller than Belfast and managed by a dentist played the England national football team off the park. Iceland play with calmness,courage and self belief that is now paying off on the biggest stage of all in European football. Looking back, was it really such a big deal that we beat England in 2005? (‘Hey everyone, we beat England!’…. ‘Well, a lot of people have beaten England’)iceland vs england Continue reading “Our Wee Excuses: NI vs Iceland”


Petrol Stations of Ulster

I have been around for quite a long time now and have clocked up a fair few miles working various jobs in all of the six counties of Northern Ireland. During this time I have become somewhat of a Petrol Station connoisseur or Diva if you will. Continue reading “Petrol Stations of Ulster”


Northern Ireland National Anthem

I want a new anthem for Northern Ireland. Here is my attempt Northern Ireland National anthem (click here to listen)

Here is when I sang it on Talkback to William Crawley a few years ago Me on Talkback singing my National Anthem (click here to listen)

Check them out then read my reasons why.
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Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)

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Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)

Arriving at Uni on my first day 10 years ago, I met lots of great people. People who may have lived in the same town as me for years but due to labeling at birth we were sent on different paths and mixed in different circles. Continue reading “Where are you from? (A wee bit of cliché NI politics)”

Featured Jason Clarke

I can’t believe he’s Northern Irish (18 Celebrities With Links To Northern Ireland)

For such a small country Northern Ireland definitely makes a big noise.

With Game of Thrones being filmed here as well as prominent actors such as Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan and James Nesbitt doing their bit in Hollywood, NI is being mentioned in more positive tones around the world.

That’s all the obvious stuff out of the way, so here’s a list (extended) of celebrities with lesser known links to our wee country… Continue reading “I can’t believe he’s Northern Irish (18 Celebrities With Links To Northern Ireland)”

7 Inventions Which You Didn’t Know Have Their Roots In Northern Ireland/Occupied 6 Counties

The next time you are in a pub or country club on your travels around the world getting slagged because you are from Ahoghill and you can’t say ‘Power Shower’ properly fear not. Before today most people from Northern Ireland hyped up how we built the Titanic or how good Van Morrison is when backed into a corner in a desperate attempt to prove that Ulster has contributed positively to society. While England can boast about cricket and the language we all speak, Scotland can talk about the flushing toilet and Wales can talk about Carol Voderman , fear not, because I’ve provided you with a new list of reference points when discussing NI’s global relevance.

Here are 7 inventions which you (probably) didn’t know have their roots in Northern Ireland…

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